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Your Wellness Road Map, Back on Track

Okay, so it has been a long winter and spring isn’t cooperating like you would prefer. So what happened? Many of you said you need some tips to get back on track so let’s get some guidelines in place to help you be your best.

Have you ever tried to get somewhere without knowing where you’re going and without directions? We know that just doesn’t work, you need a plan, a path an arrival point. So let’s take that thought with us creating our Wellness Road Map. What do you want to get out of it, when do you see it happening, how will you know when you have arrived? Better yet WHY are you going on this road to wellness? Once you decide the reason you want to be on this road it will help you stay between the lines.

First you need to establish a plan and write down your goals. If you write it down you will remember your direction and can follow your printed word. You will need to get out your calendar and schedule those healthy habits into your life. It’s like making an appointment with yourself. You will want to schedule everything from shopping and meal planning, to activity, mediation and journaling. This is called “being intentional”. You need to schedule days, time and length of time you are setting aside. If you just say you want to hit the gym or take a walk three times a week you can find the week has ended and you did not get it in. So if you write it on your calendar that you will walk one mile on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8-9 a.m. you will have a well thought out plan and since it is scheduled you are more likely to do it. 

Sometimes you can be more successful if you include a friend in your goal planning. Perhaps they would like to make some changes as well or they can just be the person you check in with to help keep you accountable. The buddy system is a great tool to help you stay on track. 

You may find that on your particular workout day you are short on time, no problem, just adjust and for one day abbreviate your session. The point is to stay committed to your calendar, routine and wellness plan.  It is not a good idea to totally skip, that can be a slippery slope so instead of the 45 minutes you usually put in you may have to do a quick 20-no problem!

Just remember, when working on your Wellness Road Map you need to stay fluid, keep moving and when you lose your place go back to the calendar sheet you created and head on back to basics with a clean start. Every day is a new beginning, every road leads to somewhere exciting and it is up to you to set the course.


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