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Wondering what is next on the calendar for you? Quite simply, whatever you put there. The season is changing and our clothing is changing and our activity is changing and the daylight is changing so how are you approaching what’s all these changes?

If you have dug out the sweater and big blankets and put away the bicycles and tennis rackets you are quite normal. What can you do to feel your best this upcoming season? Menu planning is always #1, picking up a gym membership or finding a YouTube video with appropriate workouts is certainly high on the list, controlling the politeness of saying yes to every party, happy hour or extra glass of your preferred cocktail rates right up there as well.

So HOW??? Prioritize your calendar by identifying your top 5 priorities, write down your goals, journal food intake, discover your why and surround yourself with others you know will support you. Take it in small steps but get started by writing it down so you have a direction.

You will stress less and sleep better if you have a plan. Good things in, good things out so begin putting your good things in action. If you would like a guide to help you on this new season I am just a call (612-308-0801) or email ( away. Let me know if any these topics speak to you this season:

  • Power Hour Key Note Presentations
  • 12 Weeks to Wellness Series
    • Full integration of half-hour wellness presentations
  • Half day Workshop/Retreat
  • Full Day Retreats
    • Intentionally in Harmony
    • Self-care in a new season for business and for life
  • Life Coaching
    • Weight loss, change of career, discovering your happiness


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