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You Were Born Pre-Appoved

I came across an article by Sharon Jaynes who writes for Girlfriends in God, she made a great point. The name of the article was “You Have Been Pre-Approved” and it talked about receiving automatic acceptance from credit card companies and her take away was never tiring of: God telling me that I’ve been pre-approved to be His child. We all have a higher power and I respect your choice but this statement is true for all of us in many ways.

You were born pre-approved to be the best person you could be, never forget that. Sometimes we don’t always chose good health and to be our best self, but it was chosen for us long ago. Dive down deep, call a friend, hit the gym, take a hike, meditate and go back to the person you were born to be. Never tire of realizing you were born to be pre-approved to be someone wonderful-chase it down, keep it up or lift up someone who seems stuck. Each one of use deserves to be the best person we can be and you have everything you need right inside of you. I will believe in you until you believe in you and then we will celebrate together the knowledge and remembrance that you were born pre-approved!


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