Workshops & Retreats


Self-Care in a New Season — for Business & for Life

Given today’s stressors, we all need to take care of ourselves and our teams — to find ways to promote wellness in mind, heart, and health.  Together we will explore three key concepts that reduce stress, promote wellness and resilience:

  • Setting Goals-Honoring Priorities – As Steve Jobs has said “Passion fuels the rocket, but vision – a big dream – points the rocket to its ultimate destination. Dream Bigger!” We will explore the power of setting – and remaining focused – on priorities and the impact it has to keep us grounded, focused, and resilient.
  • Say no to excuses and live with purpose – Terri will share what best fuels your body and how to put the fun in your activity.
  • Mindset affects everything – What you think, you will become. We will explore the power of purpose, sharing how we all can become more mindful as leaders and individuals.

For each area, you will receive tools that help us each practice ways to take care of ourselves.  Only you can decide what’s possible for yourself and for your life. The truth is that you are who and what you tell yourself you are, not what anyone else tells you.


Group Half-Day Essence Workshop

Four hour workshop with a minimum of 10 attendees to understand needs and create guided homework and conversation that we work on throughout the day for a more in-depth modification designed to build on good habits. This was created for participants to feel empowered in life and on the job. Discussion centers on self-care, modifications of habits, and personal empowerment.

$325.00 each person per workshop

For a more personalized experience add an individualized post-workshop 30-minute phone call for 4 weeks (per participant). $200.00