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Will, Want, Why to Your Good Health Habits

So you were ready to go, the first of the year arrived and your new goal was set. Your WILL power was strong, you really thought you had it this time. No more sweets, bread, alcohol or whatever your vice was that was keeping that weight on OR/AND hitting the gym, riding that bike, lifting those weights or working out with a new video, you just knew you had the will power to start this year off right! Awesome! Okay, day 1-7 went well (perhaps) and then someone invited you to a happy hour, you were really tired or it was someone’s birthday and you just couldn’t resist that cake! Sound familiar? So you told yourself you would do it just this one time and then what happened, one time turned into two, then three and so it goes.

Well here we are later in the year so new commitment, it’s going to be different because you WANT it more! Yes your want power is in high gear and you know it’s going to take something stronger then just the will to expect change, because you discovered your will can be bent. So you really want to lose that weight this time, you really want to eat more fruits and vegetables and get in the best shape since college. Here you go, selecting the best and freshest fruits, veggies and lean protein in the store and you reup your gym membership. You are smarter this year so you get a buddy to go with you, you actually schedule your workouts in advance. Fabulous! Then you get sick, go on vacation, decide you no longer want to spend your money on a membership and you are tired of the fruit and veggie scene. Sound familiar?

Well can I suggest you take it to a deeper level and find your WHY power. Your motivation to make life long changes has got to come from somewhere deep and meaningful to you personally. Saying you are going to make a change and wanting to make a change just can’t keep you on track like the why you need to make a change. For me it is my family, I want to be around a long time and I want to enjoy being around. When the grown kids want to do something or go somewhere I want to be able to do it too. When it is time for grandchildren I am planning on playing, laughing and hitting the parks with them. The WHY power that my family continues to give me is the incentive I need to be the best me I can be, one look at them and what the future holds keeps me focused. You may and just probably do have a different WHY, it could be family history of illness, an active spouse you want to continue to keep up or any of a variety of things that are so important to you and you alone.

Remember, will power can be short lived and want power can let you down but why power gives you the strength to continue to be your best self and make those changes to your habits that can alter your life’s direction. So when you are looking to make changes in your habits, commit to the WHY and live the will and want power behind.


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