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Why are You Active?

“Why are you active” and there are lots of reasons. If you haven’t checked out the video I put up on the face book page,, please do. Remember, good health means something a little different to each of us and absolutely no one owns it, it is for everyone. Some answers for why am I active are: family history of heart disease, stress management, feel good, to experience new things, something to do with friends, build confidence, live longer, be more flexible and enjoy life. I am proud that there are other reason than to say “to lose weight”. While that is a goal it should not be the only goal, our health is so much more than weight loss or for some, weight gain.

Keep checking my website for updated information and 5Ks I am signed up for, join me when you can! That said the Hot Chocolate 5K is on April 15,, so get signed up and let’s plan on a mighty chocolatey time. Walk, run or stroll but move that body! Here’s to you.



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