When to Lead and When to Lean

Do You Know When to Lead and When to Lean. Look for the helpers son. There are always helpers. Wise words from the late Mr. Rogers’ mother.

How often have you felt in control and your life is in order? Well whenever you feel you are alone or are struggling, look for the help that is right beside you. I heard a phrase a while back that carpenters use “sistering” joist. It means to add structure/substance to an existing beam to help straighten and strengthen a sagging or bouncy floor. A strong beam to take the load off. During the times in life when you need help with your load, do you look for the support that is right there for you? When life is hard you need sistering. Someone to help carry the burden. With the added strength of another you are able to continue, some days you are being sistered and other days you are doing the sistering.

This is true of birds in flight forming that beautiful V. The leader is strong and confident followed by others and when the leader finds they need a break they brilliantly drop back and let another lead. Look for the helpers my friends they are all around you if you just let them show themselves.