What success looks like in my day

Here are a few strategies I use to make my days as successful as I can.

  1. Use a calendar to set boundaries, block my time. Adding in time for breaks, emotional well-being and to just breathe. Always add a few down minutes between blocks.
  2. To chase away that groggy feeling from not enough sleep or just committee brain I make sure to get in a run or walk each morning for clarity.
  3. Take a moment to celebrate the wins at the end of the day. Check on what is crossed off the list and enjoy the feeling of the completion of those tasks/assignments.
  4. Quiet the inner critic by naming it and reframing what I want and how I want it done and make adjustments as needed.
  5. When a client cancels or a job is delayed I find another project that needs my attention and look for a new opportunity.
  6. Reflect on my progress and celebrate on the positive or little wins. Stay away from negative talk.
  7. Identify my triggers of bad habits and replace them with positive motion/thoughts/projects.
  8. Take time to make time for me and my family by working smarter, not harder.