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When I was in 4th grade the big game on the playground was marbles. You know, shooters, cat eyes, steelies, etc. and I thought I was GOOD. Actually darn good, yes, better than most I had seen. So after a few rounds in the house with my sisters I was sure I had what it took and would rule the playground. The first day or two I watched the other kids “play” marbles and watched the weak and unprepared lose to the more clever and skilled players. What a RUSH! I knew I had what it took to run the playground in the game of marbles. That’s right, all that practice under my belt playing my two sisters had me convinced!

You guessed it, I took my cherished bag of marbles to school on Wednesday and challenged those players. One big circle and all those pretty marbles, all my marbles and my opponents, spread out throughout the circle. Oh was I going to own some of the best marbles on the playground, I could feel it!  Yes, my turn and with shooter placed behind my first finger and smacked with my thumb I aimed at the best shot (and prettiest marble) and watched my shooter roll past into Nothingsville. Oh well, there would be more chances. My opponent then took their turn and quickly owned 3-5 of my marbles before it was my turn again. Well I got this and laid down, one eye closed, lined up the shot and whoosh. . . missed it. Again, my opponent gathered up 3-5 (could have been more) of my marbles. Unfortunately this went on until I lost all my marbles (okay it’s funny now) and I stood up and left carrying my empty marble bag.

Lessons learned here: practice more than you think you should, watch the attitude, do not go “all in” the first time without some guidance, take it well and move on as you are building your reputation and continue to seek out things you enjoy and take chances. WE all cannot be good at the same things, we all have gifts and talents. Continue to seek your calling and appreciate and learn along the way.

To this day I am not a gambler, I approach things with curiosity and enthusiasm, I know how to lose and now I know how to win graciously. Live a curious life!


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