Wellness IS Being Grateful

What are you grateful for today? Do you rise each morning counting your blessings? If not you should, this is a time to pause, thank a higher power and send some supportive thoughts to those in need.

I found myself feeling “blue” this week, no good reason  just feeling blue. So as I indulged my displacement with my world and moped around it wasn’t until I was waiting on a friend’s arrival for coffee that I took the time to sit still, close my eyes and pray. As I sat still for only a few moments I was overcome with a sense of calm as I thought about the good things in my life and how wonderful it actually is. A smile crossed my face and then I remembered, it is not all about me blue or not, it is about the wellness of others that I should be concerned about. The thoughts of the people in Texas and Florida came flashing in and a new sense of purpose came over me. This is the time we need strength, prayer and direction to help those we can, those who no longer have a home or coffee shop in which to mope and feel blue.

What to do with so much need? I send my prayers often, open up my wallet, continue to listen to the concerns and help others keep those less fortunate in the front of their thoughts. No one gets through troubles alone, we are a tribe that rallies on a call. Support those near and far who are in need and be grateful for all you have, this may just be your turn to extend a hand, be gracious.