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Wellness Begins with 2 U’s

I was inspired by the Stanley Cup Playoff games. As I watched these young men skate hard, trying to be the best they can be while remembering they are part of a larger picture, a team, and cannot be their best alone it made me think of their journey to get there. None of these athletes were born at this level of skill, they were mindful, practiced and sought out help to continue to grow to be their best. That is what wellness is about. First you need to identify what wellness means to you, what you can do to be your best and then follow that path. Yes, you need assistance whether that be from a gym, dvd, local park, buddy system, tour of the grocery store for nutritional ideas, or time to be quiet and give thanks. 

To be at your best you need keep in balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. For you to handle the most difficult tasks life throws at you, you need to be in top form. I find that while being physical (as when I run) I can pray thereby keeping two of my four place markers in order. But in order to be successful in those difficult daily times I also need to keep my mind clear and spend time dealing with my emotional well being. I will be closing on my mother’s house tomorrow and know I will need all four modalities in place to be at my best. This will be difficult and stressful so while I am keeping my body where it needs to be, I also need to get my mind there as well. 

This is where the assistance comes in, the second U. I know I will need to lean on someone for their strength to get me through, not a journey I prefer to travel alone. So to keep in balance I am enlisting my husband on the emotional portion of this journey. Remember, wellness begins with 2 U’s, one is the concrete being of you and the other is the U that you know you can reach out to in any form. 


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