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Wellness Begins One Small Step at a Time

When you think of improving your wellness, getting healthier, stronger, more flexible or just plain adding more fruits and vegetables to your life are you all in? Success comes from making small changes one at a time, it’s those small changes that lead to the big outcomes.  By changing your daily habits one at a time they become routine and then those routines become your new daily habits. Once you have mastered a change you can set your sites on another one. 

If you would like to eat healthier you can’t just say okay that’s it, no more treats and sweets. That might work for a week or so but over the longer run you will feel denied and even punished. So how do you make the switch? Set a small goal that you will leave sweets (processed sugar) out of your daily intake during the week and have one reasonable sized treat on the weekend days.

If you would like to start working out, you shouldn’t just start going to the gym at 5:30 am every day for a big 90 minute workout, this usually leads to sore bodies and burnout. Instead go to the gym three times a week for a slow or moderate workout and build from there. It starts a routine by you  preparing your body for the workout and you will look forward to gym days. 

Bottom line, you need to keep your changes to something you can sustain for at least 6 weeks, after that it becomes a “habit” and is part of your lifestyle. Like the turtle in the race, slow and steady always wins!


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