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Well Being Is Heart and Soul-Make Time

I was watching the Grammy’s tonight and as with most shows they close by showing snippets of the lives of those we lost this past year. It always breaks my heart as I think of the impact they made when they were with us regardless of their age at passing and how we take things for granted, expect someone to always be there. I love the music these people created even thought I didn’t know them. Still it makes me sad to know they are done “creating”, they made such a big impact but now it is done.

My mom passed suddenly this past year and I think of her every day. I think of the silly things she would say or the adventures we would share and yes, sometimes I would just brush away her input or not talk to her for days at a time. Funny, I thought it would go on like that for many more years. The time we spent as mother daughter, the events of my life, the grounding that is part of the core of me comes from knowing my mother. We made a lot of special memories but since her passing I have become keenly aware that we need to take time and treat everyone with the respect they deserve even if it takes our last ounce of energy. We need to do that every day, I know now there may not be a tomorrow. 

My mom is the reason I have spent the last year getting to know the senior communities, sharing laughter and time with those who don’t get to see many new friendly faces. When I come to their home, their community, I spend time before my presentation greeting and welcoming them to the room and asking them about their day so far. These new friends light up with the opportunity to share one more conversation with someone new.

Yes wellness is about physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well being but it also the heart and soul of how you live your life.


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