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Untended Habits

This past year you were subjected to forced changes in behavior. Nothing you could do about it. What once was a very active lifestyle full of work, family, friends, sports and activities suddenly came to a new way of life of isolation, disconnect and depression.

As you began your new normal of staying inside, working from home, shopping on line, teaching your children and finding on line workouts, movies and scenic trips to virtually attend you unintentionally created new habits. Healthy habits? Well Peloton had a whopping year as did Amazon. The average person spent several months trying to find themselves, feel good about the situation, and stay positive. Some did a great job, did you? Or did you empty your pocket book on line, purchase equipment that will go unused and become best friends with the local liquor store clerk?

So about those unintended habits. Were you one of many who tried to fill new found time with hours of TV bingeing, eating and drinking? So many “caught up” on movies and sitcoms and became one with the couch. What started out as a single glass of wine while making dinner turned into 2 then 3 and then perhaps a bottle as a routine to “relax and destress” after a day of . . . . . I know my office trash can had wrappers that as a coach I would rather people didn’t know about.

As we get back into our routines with the lifting of the mask mandates I hope you become intentional about your wellness again. Stop and challenge yourself to think differently and began to embrace summer with the healthy habits of yesterday’s activities and moving that body. This is the perfect time to choose whole foods and begin a patio garden of herbs and vegetables. You were forced into changing your habits and had a year to embed them into your behavior. I am challenging you to be mindful, make new choices, leave those less than desirable habits behind and fill them with the ones that will make your life bright and amazing.

Walk away from the head fog of overeating, non-movement and lock stepping through your days. You are in charge of you, take back control and be your best self- starting today. Set those good examples for your children and family. I believe in you and you should too.


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