Understanding the World of Nutrients

The world of nutrients can be confusing but if you remember that “micro” nutrients are vitamins and “macro” nutrients are found in food that is a great start. Micro small vitamins, macro large food, lol. So even if we eat healthy most of the time our body still needs a little assistance getting the nutrients essential to good health. Your body is constantly changing, much like a science experiment, pay attention and tune in so when something is off you identify it quickly and seek more information or perhaps a quick check up from your physician could be in order. Once again, you are in charge of you. 

Holidays are coming so no excuses, you want to go into them the fittest you can. If it’s easier, eat the same nutritious meals for a few days until you can shop for the rest of the supplies and record those 10 minute stretches of activity. One hour a day is what this calls for and I am pushing you hard on this task. There are many free apps that you can download to your computer or phone to keep a record of your daily intake and activity-this is called accountability. Whatever “plan” you are following it is important to record your progress, reward with nonfood perks and re-evaluate at the end of each week. Perhaps you will see movement on the scale or a change in the way your clothes fit or find that you are more alert and have a spring in your step. However you monitor your good health, recognize it and duplicate those positive changes.