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Two Days of Amazing Presentations

What a great couple of days with some amazing speakers. Yesterday I started the day at the Eden Prairie AFB Thrive meeting listening to Dr. Stephen J. Crawford, Experience Leadership, where he talked about taking care of your finances so you can help take care of the world and he asked the question “are you leading as a nightlight or a 100 watt bulb”? Something to think about.

Then I presented to SWIM, Seniors Working in Marketing-Your Marketing Education, on Powerful Presentations. After a short presentation we broke into groups and put the plan in actions. Everyone walked out with a few nuggets on how to be more effective and using powerful words to present.

Today at the St. Louis Park SEGC meeting I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Terry Wu, Neuromarketing Services, explain the difference between conscious and unconscious purchasing. Did you know 95% of our decisions are made with our unconscious side, we are emotionally driven! So much smarter at the store and so much smarter on my website usageJ.

This afternoon I attended another AFB Thrive presentation by Ron Henderson, The Fitness King. Wow, he brought it all home reminding us that our bodies are not exchangeable and we should be taking the best care of them NOW. We can always make money, and work harder but if we don’t take care of our bodies we may not have the time to enjoy the fruits of the effort. Small steps to better health leads to a fuller, longer life.

After all that I took off for a 5K to move that body, clear that brain and thank my higher power for all I learned and experienced today-what a gift! #movethatbody #AFB #Thrive #RonHenderson #TheFitnessKing #Dr.StephenJCrawford #ExperienceLeadership #wellness #coach #beginningtodaylifestylewellness #SEGC #DrTerryWu #Neuromarketing


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