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Today is Absolutely Beautiful

Looking out the window and seeing how absolutely beautiful it is today.

We have been going through some difficult and interesting times with covid; shut down, shelter in place, limited opening, tables of 4, outside only, phones and visits through glass. We have been through furloughs, layoffs, working from home, part time employment, unemployment and adventures in independent startups. Each week it changes.

More and more of us are overwhelmed, depressed and feeling anxiety just marching through day to day. This is definitely the time to be aware of your health and wellness. Good health begins with healthy meals, fueling your body the right way, taking care of that amazing digestive machine. What are you eating? Write it down. Need inspiration? I recommend the Stop & Diet by Vaccariello for a good start. It’s been around a while but it will get you on the right path.

Next in line is to “move that body”. As a child you played all day, it was your job. Go back to those times and recall what you truly enjoyed and adapt that to present abilities. Did you ride your bike until the streets lights came on? Purchase a stationary bike and watch a YouTube video of cycling through nature, the French Alps or wilderness-amazing!

Remember nap time, oh glorious nap time. Schedule 20 minutes a day for complete rest. Go ahead and close your eyes and free your mind. Give thanks to a higher power, meditate and breathe. There are free apps to learn meditation and many examples of breathing techniques that will rejuvenate, even calm down that stress level. My favorite breathing technique is to sit with your back against a chair, relax and shake down your shoulders, close your eyes and breathe in through the nose to the count of 4, hold to the count of 7 and breathe out through your mouth to the count of 8, repeat four times. So much release happening to get you rebooted.

Have you taken the time to fill your cup with the beauty of the day? It can be just that simple. I know there are days when I overcomplicate things, expect big outcomes, hear no one too many times, can’t break through the barrier or the task just seems too daunting. Oh my, that is just the time to lift up your head, take a look out the window and breathe.

So yes, in this new world with new norms and unexpected new habits, take time to look out the window and see the beauty. I continue to wish all of you wellness and cheer you on.


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