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Time Management and the Holidays

Just say no, seems easy enough doesn’t it. Here we are with a few weeks left in 2018 and the meetings, parties, lunch and dinner invitations keep coming. Are you being asked to attend more events and outings then you have time for? How are you going to get it all done at this time of year?

Tis the season but with so many events and so little time how will you satisfy EVERYONE. You start the new year every time with “I’m going to do it differently this time”, so did you? Your emotional, financial, physical and spiritual wellness counts on you keeping a routine, yes a calendar with yourself. It is getting down to the year-end wire and if you are already stressed out this might be coming just in time.

Before another day passes you by get out a blank calendar, go ahead and make a copy of one that exists or download a fresh one from the internet.  Start writing in all the events you are already committed to including working out, then what you are invited to or are planning, add the shopping dates for gifts and food-don’t forget those birthdays and anniversaries this time of year. Include office parties, book club, etc., happy hours and important meetings and travel dates. If you head is spinning you are just in time. After you make all the notes and plan out all the dates go back through and prioritize.

Yes, you can decline some invites, reschedule some meetings and maybe celebrate with your clubs later. Starting to relax? I sure hope so, if not go through the calendar again-some of these are not as important as others, you get to choose.  While you are looking over your time commitments go ahead and put some dollar values in there, that might help with your decisions. We will talk financial wellness another time but no one wants to open that credit card bill in late January/February and get that sick feeling. Be mindful and use time management and the power of no this holiday season.


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