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Thriving in Wellness During The Holidays

It is here, it is here! The holiday season is upon us and you are beginning to get your crazy on. But wait, is it necessary or are you just stuck in the same cycle you have been swirling in year after year? I say it is up to you to thrive this season, every day you make choices-what is your choice this holiday?

With any decision it is best to write out the pros and cons or at least make a list of what we see coming. Start with today’s date and move forward marking down what is expected and move day to day recording all the events, purchases and appearances you foresee in your future until January 1st. Always best to start at the beginning and see it though, gives you a little perspective. Once you have your dates/calendar filled out to the best of your knowledge, remember to review last year’s events for a little more accuracy, you can begin the process of wants, needs and what you simply have to do. Again lots of room for choices here.

As you make your plans for Thanksgiving and family review dates and schedules to make sure you do not over book or double book. Perhaps this year you cannot travel out of town due to another commitment or this is the year you CHOOSE to stay close to home, yes you can choose that. Perhaps this is the year you would like to say no to having the entire family, friends, co-workers, friends of friends at your house for turkey, you can CHOOSE to pass. Perhaps you would like to donate your time to helping others, another CHOICE or perhaps this year you would like to just sit quietly and rest, nice CHOICE as well.

The point is, as you get ready to gear up for your holiday season you get to CHOOSE what it will look like, you don’t have to do the same thing this year if you CHOOSE not to. Every day you wake up and decide how your day will look, CHOOSE to be stress free, CHOOSE to be happy!


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