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The Golden 80/20 Rule in 2019

Here we are, a new year. What resolution or promise did you make to yourself. Perhaps it would be easier to keep that promise if it were to someone else, we know we are more likely to keep it then. Sound about right?

So here is what I propose: Make yourself one promise this year and be specific, yes you should write it down in your planner/journal/calendar so you guarantee you will look at it and take mindful action. Next give it a specific measurable amount. No open endings, as long as you get close or “hopefully” language. Actually set a realistic goal, one that you can measure. Lastly set out a direction on how you plan to reach your goal. This is probably the biggest missing piece. Planning is important so once you have a goal and made it measurable take the time to outline how you plan to get there. Since you wrote the goal down, you are all set with the location to construct and record your pathway to success.

Be kind to yourself and remember to keep it obtainable depending on where you currently stand (lose 10 lbs in 12 weeks, save $100 by August 1st, etc.). Remind yourself to celebrate the little wins, such as quarter way points, etc. Treat yourself with something fun and supportive but not something that is detrimental to your goal. Perhaps binge watch a series or soak in some bubbles.

Remember, if you follow the right path 80% of the time the other 20% will take care of itself. If you reward yourself for your accomplishment it will make it easier to stay focused. Please follow this link and become a member of the private group “Turn Around Tuesday with Terri” for support and accountability. After all, we are better together! #bettertogether #accountability #wellness #coach #wellnesscoach #resolutions #betterlifenow #choices #goals #success


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