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The “A” Guests and the “A” Team Meetings in a Perfect World

In a perfect world we would have only the “A” players of family in for the holidays and only hold or attend the “A” meetings that we scheduled or deemed important. So many articles on the lack of holiday gatherings and the abundance of video gatherings this year got me to thinking. All of this can be just too much.

I reminisce of just a year ago when the articles were full of rantings about obnoxious Uncle Larry and overbearing Aunt Edna (perhaps the “B” or even “C” team) all gathered in a tiny space around a table of food with open conversation good and bad and commentary from Uncle Larry and Aunt Edna that made us all cringe at one time or another. Oh and that behavior!

Remember the conversations of how we put more people in one space than fit comfortably and we invited relatives that we usually don’t see and had all that awkward conversation? The anticipation and unease of what might transpire and what might be said put some of us into a funk just thinking about it.

I reminisce of the days when we went to the office and participated in in-person meetings beginning at 7:45 a.m. and ended at 5:15 p.m. You couldn’t open your inbox without another level “B” or “C” team meeting invite glaring at you expecting and sometimes demanding your personal presence. However did we get any work done? Just when you blocked out a couple hours someone would inevitably schedule and “urgent” meeting that absolutely “needed” your attention “immediately” only to find out it was something less then urgent needing immediate attention from you.

Well this year the articles are all about the sadness of not be able to gather with family and friends that we don’t usually spend time with anyway and how we were all suffering from over use of video meetings both personally and professionally.

Have you noticed how many more of our distance relatives we see more frequently due to the need to use zoom to see and talk to one another. It sure makes conversations with Uncle Larry and Aunt Edna a bit less too much. We have also had the opportunity to bring our elderly friends and family into use of their computers and maybe even phone apps with some ease due to necessity. Making quick videos calls keeps the conversation fresher and more frequent so not all bad.

Professionally we are still in meetings but from the ease of our home office with the ability to multitask during some of those “urgent needing immediate attention from you” meetings. Some meetings also allow you to have the video off which makes it convenient to get a little workout in while participating or listening in. Nothing wrong with a few sit-ups, pushups, weight lifting or walking on the treadmill while participating in the meeting. You might even say if helps the blood flow to the brain and can help with concentration when you keep the workout light.

So before we get on the “Complain TEAM” let’s keep in mind that there are always two ways to think of something and let’s all see a glass as half full this holiday season. It’s good for your well-being.



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