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Read what some of our corporate clients have to say about Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness Presentations.

I have seen Terri speak on a few occasions (latest was a CEU on Sleep Disruptors) and have gleaned useful knowledge at each event; tips, advice and information that have helped me in my personal and professional life. She has an obvious passion for health and fitness and how those areas have a direct impact on teams and organizations. Her knowledge is vast, her energy is contagious, her presentations are impactful.  Lee S.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation Terri gave about sleep. It was very eye opening and I learned many tips I can use in my own life to help get better quality sleep at night. Terri’s energy and passion for what she does really shines through. It was an honor to meet her!” Marisarah L.

She is very fun and energetic yet she is very knowledgeable. She made the class fun. Alexandra M.

Thank you so much, Terri! I enjoyed attending our meetings every week! I learned so much J I was surprised at how much new information I learned at each session! Jamie C.

Thanks for a great series! The 12 weeks allowed for a mindfulness that you don’t get from a shorter series. I looked forward to the trainings during the week. Jill G.

Such a great program! Christie M.

Thank you for taking the time to give us tips for making positive, lasting changes.

“This series brings us back to the basics of wellness to insure goals and changes are manageable and permanent.” Matthew M.

First off, I want to thank Terri for taking her time to come into our work place and educate us on wellness. It’s not easy making changes, but by starting out small and building your way up, Terri definitely makes the job easier! I would totally recommend her courses and programs to other individuals who are looking to improve their health lifestyle. I would also suggest to always go in with an open mind because Terri has a lot of wisdom to share! MaiNhia V.

Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness, LLC – I would like to share my experience with you all about a wonderful company called Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness, LLC and owner Terri Mattson. I have been on a health and wellness journey with Terri now for about 60 days. I have been thinking about making some changes in my life, but had no motivation, time, or a good plan to really make anything happen. I have been running myself ragged with a busy lifestyle, like many of you, which has resulted in weight gain, tiredness and an overall sense of unhappiness about that. Terri has helped me learn to put my health and wellbeing first in my day and to be mindful about nutrition and choices. I have learned so many things – the importance of scheduling my exercise, writing down food intake, taking time to think about what you are buying for groceries, reading labels and on, and on. All of these small, daily changes have resulted in a healthier, happier me! I would definitely recommend Terri and Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness, LLC if you have been feeling like it did and want to be a healthier, happier you! – Janell, Seniors Blue Book

Terri is wonderful! She always has great information as well as new and exciting ways to incorporate healthy living into your everyday life. Every time I am at one of her events I leave with new tips and tricks on health, wellness and nutrition. I highly recommend Terri and her mission. Keep up the great work Terri.   ~Andy G, Xpand Inc.

Terri recently spoke to a truly captivated and engaged group at our Eden Prairie AM Rotary.  I found her to be an inspiriting and enthralling speaker.  Her message is a wonderful reminder of what truly is important and how we really need to take care of ourselves.  I loved how interactive her approach was, especially at 8 am.  She reminded me that my body is the only one I will ever get.  She had us all thinking about the choices we make and how they result in the habits we have.  It has been a few weeks since her presentation and I am still parking in the spot farthest from the front door of my destination.  Maya Angelou once said, and I paraphrase, people do not remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel.  Terri made me feel great.  Thanks Terri.  ~Steve Cwodzinski, Senator

Terri clearly brings an incredible passion for the corporate wellness of an organization. She knows that people and the team really are the “life blood” of the organization. Take care of the people, and they will take care of the business. Terri clearly understands that and is available for help.  ~Josh J.

Healthy workers create a stronger balance sheet & better workplace.   ~Annette W.

Great presentation! Wellness is important!!  ~Judy P.

Terri knocks it out of the park! Fun, interactive presentation!  ~Dallas J.

I liked the financial data, because people decide based on opportunity for gain or fear of loss. ~Ted D.

“Small steps to big outcomes” Great tagline!  ~Melissa N.

Terri has great ideas on how to make this easy for everyone regardless of their current situation.  ~Connie K.

Terri certainly inspires! Terri is a strategic coach who will help a business create a culture of excellence that will become the basis for every aspect of your employee’s life. A coaching style that has dedication to each person’s personal best. Life is not a set standard, but something you are consistently improving on in small increments. Her coaching process allows each person to grow and develop, allowing the business to get more from each employee over time. I have worked with Terri and personally found her a motivational source.  ~ Janet

We recently had the distinct privilege of having Terri Mattson, from Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness, present her “Habits That Make You Feel Healthier” to a packed room full of our residents here at Elim Shores. Terri’s enthusiastic and engaging presentation got both our Independent and Assisted Living residents (and staff) involved and excited as they participated in this very interactive educational session!  Terri brought humor, high energy and a relaxed atmosphere throughout her presentation that truly allowed our residents to feel comfortable jumping right in to participate!  We look forward to having Terri back many more times as her list of available topics are spot on for our community life here at Elim Shores!  I would recommend Terri in a heartbeat to any senior community that is looking for an educational, motivating and inspirational speaker!  ~Chris Orr, Housing Director

Terri Mattson from Beginning Today has been our Wellness Mentor for the past several months. Each week she has provided us with useful facts, tips and encouragement relating to health, wellness and fitness. Employees always walk out of the meeting with learning something new that they can personally apply to their own health. Terri makes each meeting very interactive so employees are comfortable sharing their questions, concerns, and personal goals whether it is to lose weight, eat better, exercise or improve their overall health.  ~ Brenda

Terri is an energized and knowledgeable leader. She encourages people to achieve their goals with a no nonsense, direct approach. Terri supports members and holds them accountable while at the same time adjust their sails if they are not moving in the direction they desire. Terri’s own success and healthy lifestyle is an inspiration. I would recommend Terri as a meeting facilitator, health coach and inspirational speaker.  ~ Eva

What can I say? Beginning Today with Terri Mattson has totally changed my life for the best. I have been working with Terri for 14 weeks now.  I am down 21 lbs. It’s not just about the weight loss, it’s the whole “ME” change. It’s a system of Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual reflection. I feel more complete and well rounded. For once, I feel like I am in control of me and I actually like ME, which is something that has not always been the case. 

We have weekly meetings where we set goals and discuss issues. Once we meet a goal, we set another. Who doesn’t like to reach a goal? It feels AMAZING! Terri is encouraging, uplifting and extremely helpful. She helps me see things that are there but may of been out of my grasp. She knows when to push me and better yet, how to push me in the right direction. 

Thank you so much Terri for taking this journey with me and helping me become a happier, healthier and more balanced “ME”. I can’t thank you enough.  ~ Peggy   

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