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Team Women Series, Self-Care and the Sandwich Generation

Are you wondering how, when, where and if you can find time for yourself during this new time of life? The Team Women attendees at the first zoom series on Self-Care and the Sandwich Generation sure did. In this time of raising children and looking into the future of aging parents we got together to discuss burnout, guilt, long days and a new timeline that seems may never end.

Together we looked at setting boundaries emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so we don’t put too much in one cup and leave another one drained. Topics covered were getting finances out in the open, including other family members to pitch in by being specific with requests and planning and holding difficult conversations. We gave ourselves permission to schedule a “time for me” moment at the end of a hard week or after a difficult discussion. You cannot be your best you if you do not remember to take good care of you and the first step to doing that is giving yourself permission to schedule you in.

We ended with an exercise to identify traps, triggers and where to locate the help needed and desired. A community has been created and we have 5 more sessions in the 6 part series. Thank you to Katy Burke and Team Women for identifying a need of your members and bringing me in to facilitate a discussion. If you would like to join in please contact Katy Burke with Team Women.


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