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Team Women Presents Self-Care During the Sandwich Generation

Thank you Team Women for your Virtual Village Series, I am proud to be a regular presenter. We closed our 5th out of 6th discussion on Taking Care of You During Your Time in the Sandwich Generation with tools for financial, emotional and physical help to relieve some of the stress and angst. All was brought to light as we organized a weekly calendar into “Musts” and finding time for self-care with a movie, spa trip or uninterrupted time learning something fun. When you put it in writing you are able to see it more clearly. Discussion was on opening minds for use of time while “waiting”, sharing the load and how to make unselfish time for yourself in your week.

Our 4th series discussion focused on the complete self and how we show up as a total person. The vision changes as we add important direction and choices in our lives. Looking at our full life we may believe we have it together and complete, taking up all our space. Our life becomes fuller and more complete with healthy food choices making us stronger. Then just when we think we are making the best choice we add healthy activity and begin to fill in the missing pieces and we grow stronger as we build on self. Surrounded by healthy community we become the full person we are meant to be walking away from toxic relationships and nurturing those who we support and who support us.

3rd series focused on stress busting and how to get extended family involved with care of seniors. We discussed how to talk to our children about responsibilities they can share in, moving your senior to your home or a community and open discussion on finances, driving, hearing aids and much more. Together we created backup plans that works for you. Most of the discussion was around having a backup plan for stress with laughter hitting it out of the park. More thoughts:

  • phone a friend or family member;
  • look through an old photo album;
  • binge watch your favorite show;
  • work on crossword or jigsaw puzzle;
  • take some time to yourself.

The 2nd series discussed healthy meals, getting activity in and scheduling “ME” time during the week. A Weekly Food Planner and Weekly Exercise Planner were provided as a resource and learning tool. Time was spent working out our personal life and changes that could be made. All were challenged with “What are You Ready to Implement Today You deserve to feel your best and have some time to fill your cup.

The 1st series of the Taking Care of You During Your Time in the Sandwich Generation went through reflections on where you land in the Sandwich Generation; Open Face (someone you take care of either younger or older as in child or parent), Regular Sandwich (both a child of any age and a parent) or Club Sandwich (grandchild, child and parent or child, parent and grandparent). There was open discussion on “The Traps of not Practicing Self-Care.” At any stage taking good care of you is important and definitely is not selfish.

Our final conversation will revolve around Thriving through the holidays During Your Time in the Sandwich Generation. Hope to see many of you there.

Contact Kay Burke at for information on the wonderful work Team Women does.  #coach #teamwomen #selfcare #sandwichgeneration #wellness #stress #support #seniorcare




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