April is good health month, well for Little Miss Terri anyway.

Funny looking back I foolishly deliberately took a year off of some of those “usual” things I have taken care of in the past. Then came Covid! Well another year managed to slip past and now here I am, scheduling all kinds of things in the month of April. Personally I am looking at this as April Showers bring May Flowers as I bloom into May and springtime. Yes, Wellness Month for me as I Read More


When you wake up in the morning you are choosing what your day will look like from the very beginning. Yep, get up before the alarm, at the alarm, hit the snooze and so it begins. You are also voting on your health when you make these decisions. Are you voting for an early day, productive day and nutritional day? Or are you sleeping in, hitting the snooze and coasting through your day. Are you Read More

Shelter in Place, 6 Weeks to a New Habit

Here we are unintentionally forming new habits. While the time frame can very person to person it is a general statement that it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. So, I ask you, what new habit have you formed with this “shelter in place” state we are in? It would be great to have a majority response of: I have discovered I am in the new habit of taking time for me every Read More

Getting Old or Making Memories

When you look at the upcoming day, week, month or year how do you view it? It is easy to fall into a routine as you lock step each and every day, feeling the years pass and not knowing where they went. I challenge you to take a new perspective and feed your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness while making valuable memories to reflect on with fondness. Don’t think of it as just another Read More

Well Being Is Heart and Soul-Make Time

I was watching the Grammy’s tonight and as with most shows they close by showing snippets of the lives of those we lost this past year. It always breaks my heart as I think of the impact they made when they were with us regardless of their age at passing and how we take things for granted, expect someone to always be there. I love the music these people created even thought I didn’t know Read More