Foods for Sleep, for Better or for Worse.

Do you mind your late night snacks? The best foods to eat prior to bedtime for better sleep are: tart cherries , walnuts, bananas, warm milk, almonds, lettuce (I know), honey, fresh cheeses, hummus and Jasmine rice. Top foods that can ruin a good night’s sleep are: bacon, aged cheeses, tomatoes, dark chocolate, alcohol, spicy food, fried foods, broccoli and the like, and steak.

Are You Eating Your Veggies?

How is the vegetable intake at your house? If you are having no servings a day add one serving, if you are having one, make it two; if you have two get it up to three! Remember, it is fruits and vegetables, not fruits and fruits. Sneak them into your eggs (spinach, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms), get a prepack variety that goes easily into the microwave for fast side dishes. Add chopped veggies to your Read More