Clearing the Kitchen Clutter, what are you going to do with all that STUFF in your kitchen?

What happened to that nice counter you used to work on to prepare meals? Has it become a “storage location”, a “dumping ground”, a “I’ll get back to it if I see it” place to rest things? Just because it is a nice flat surface does not designate it to be your special place for clutter and miscellaneous items and to dos. You know everyone can see it AND it does make for healthy meal Read More

Mindful Plate Too

Have you been working hard to get activity into your life daily? I hope that doesn’t mean you have left out the nutrition part of the good health equation. Check that plate for 1. Portion size (if you are a bit too generous with yourself get out a smaller plate). 2. One half of the plate should be all vegetables and fruit. 3. One fourth of the plate should be grains (preferably whole grains) and Read More