Old habit or new habit, how will we network?

As Minnesota starts to open back up (with restrictions of course) and more people are getting vaccinated. Will we find it exciting to go back to the way of networking as it was a year ago? We have been creating new habits these past months. What once was normal business behavior to set out to a networking meeting a couple times a week has turned into screen time in small boxes. It takes weeks to Read More

Now More Than Ever Break Time Should be a Walk Outside

Today is the day! Today is the day to set your alarm for daily walks outside so you will commit to it. Take it one step further than telling yourself you are going to do it, schedule it in your daily calendar until it becomes routine. Keep the walk scheduled on the calendar, but you will soon find you won’t need the prompt, your body will make it a call to action. We are talking Read More

Shelter in Place, 6 Weeks to a New Habit

Here we are unintentionally forming new habits. While the time frame can very person to person it is a general statement that it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. So, I ask you, what new habit have you formed with this “shelter in place” state we are in? It would be great to have a majority response of: I have discovered I am in the new habit of taking time for me every Read More