Well Being Is Heart and Soul-Make Time

I was watching the Grammy’s tonight and as with most shows they close by showing snippets of the lives of those we lost this past year. It always breaks my heart as I think of the impact they made when they were with us regardless of their age at passing and how we take things for granted, expect someone to always be there. I love the music these people created even thought I didn’t know Read More

Clutter and the Kitchen

How is the clutter in your life? Let’s take a quick look at the kitchen this week and see if we should move into other rooms or life in general in the future. Rule No. 1, don’t bring it into the kitchen if it doesn’t belong there. If you want to start eating clean and healthy you need to keep your spaces organized and in as good as shape as you want your body to Read More

Clutter, Walking and Your Life Journey

So about that clutter. . .  did you think about where your clutter is? What are you going to do about it? Remember, you are in control so toss, lock it out or just simply say no to the worries that you have no control over-you are too important to let things you can’t control drag you down. It’s spring so spring into action of reclaiming your time, paperwork, your cupboards and whatever else is Read More