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Surround Yourself With a Forest of Wellness Helpers

We were on a road trip to visit family down south (okay, Iowa but hey we’re in Minnesota so it’s the truth). Since it is cold, snow is on the ground and leaves are off the trees so you can see farm houses across the landscape. Now they don’t stand alone but are surrounded by mighty trees for protection from whatever gets thrown at them. In the winter the trees act as snow fences so the houses aren’t overtaken with too much cold and snow and in the summer the trees add shade and protection to help keep the houses at their proper temperature. These trees keep the structures sound and protected, the houses count on them to help them through the tough seasons. A tree will take the brunt of a bad element until it is safe and no longer needed.

In your world who are your trees that surround and protect you? When you are feeling cold about your wellness decisions and feeling vulnerable, where do you look for reassurance that you won’t be overcome with bad decisions on your journey? When you are overwhelmed how do you keep on going and keep that body moving? When you feel like you are alone you only have to look around and see there are helpers everywhere cheering you on and just waiting to help you maintain your best self. So look for the helpers and know they are there to help you through all your seasons, especially when you need them most.


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