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Social Distancing & Personal Hygiene

We have been in a virtual world for a bit now and I got to thinking? Did I shower yesterday? Should I shower today? Perhaps we are suppose to conserve water at this time, hmmm. Naturally I checked Facebook to see if anyone else was thinking what I was thinking and there it was in the first post i read “. . . I haven’t showered for three days now, I think I am fine. . . . my daughter says she is staying in her pjs until school starts back up. . . . ” Ok I am paraphrasing a bit but yes, proof that I am not the only one who may be losing track of time in the social showering department. 

We are working from home, getting out and taking those walks and creating new and interesting meals as a family once again. It needs to be said, people take your showers, your hands are not the only part of you that need to be washed!

Ok a bit of humor on this dark hour we are all going through, yes going through, as in we will make it to the end and this will be a memory with many lessons learned. My heart goes out to all those who have contracted the Covid-19 virus and those of us yet to experience it’s rath but we must be positive, stay safe, love our families and teach our children how resilient their parents and other adults are. 

So be kind to one another, help where you can and for heaven’s sake, TAKE A SHOWER!


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