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Small Changes for Maximum Results

Where are you today and where do you see yourself in the future? If you start with one small change to redirect your course you will get there! It’s called a lifestyle change and it works when you take it one day at a time so that you create a new “habit”. If you would like to lose weight to stun your old classmates at the reunion, look fab in your swimsuit or just have a solid self image you need to start with small steps, let’s say 5 pound goals at a time one month at a time. Sure it will take a few months for the dream imagine to come about but when you go slow and steady you create new lifelong habits that will be a part of your lifestyle from here on out. However, if you power it up and drop 20 pounds in the first month you may find that hard to maintain and fall into old habits.

When coaching I ask clients to think back a year ago ” if you would have started this path then, do you think you would be at your ideal goal or close to if it?” Sure.  So it stands to reason that if you start TODAY one year from now you will be enjoying your success. If you don’t start TODAY you will be looking back again thinking “if I had started that one small change a year ago . . . . . ” You see my point.

This doesn’t just make sense with weight loss it can be with everything. If you put back $50 from every paycheck within a year you could have that stash for holiday presents, tires for your car or who knows what. What you do know is you won’t be panicked by this upcoming expense.

Remember, small changes lead to maximum results and it is not a race by any means.



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