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Sleep Tight for Wellness

Ever wonder why you are not getting enough ZZZ’s? Research shows the top sleep disruptors are lack of boundaries, eating and activity patterns and stress. Let’s have a look into these disruptors and see where a simple change here and there might make a big difference in your sleep pattern.

First, boundaries; draw a line in the sand and and maintain a balance in your self care. You need time to be active and you need time for reflection and prayer and to give thanks. In today’s busy schedule we are so often taking care of others and “getting things done” that we forget to take time for our self. It is important to set time aside, yes make an appointment with yourself, and be still. If we remember to be thankful for the good things it helps us with the other things. In today’s world we need to discover when it is best to connect with others and connect with ourselves. Now believe me when I say “be still” and that means all is quiet-no tv, no background noise, no trying to do a little chore while we are “being quiet”, these are all tricks that keep us from drawing that line in the sand.

Next, look into what you are eating and how active you are in your daily life. Rule of thumb, good things in and good things happen. Be mindful of what you are putting into your mouth, take a few minutes to think about it. If your meal is all gray or tan you are probably not getting in enough fruit and vegetables, think about eating a rainbow of colors and that will help you make some good choices. Staying hydrated is also going to help you, make sure you are not eating because you are actually thirsty. Try and think if you are truly hungry or just thirsty, bored or emotionally eating. If you are truly hungry you will make better choices, if it is one of the others it is sometimes just the act of putting something in your mouth. Be mindful. Good nutrition is detriment to good sleep.

Moving that body is helpful with digestion and overall good health. Begin where you are and add more activity as you get comfortable with your regular routine. If you simply don’t move that body, start by walking to your mailbox each day and increase from there. It is all about recognizing where you are and growing at a comfortable rate-you are creating a new habit!

Stress-seems everyone has stress in their life so what can you do to walk away from that stress? Realizing YOU are in control is very helpful and try to think if anyone has ever asked you to worry about them and if when you do, did it help anything? I bet not. A helpful tool might be to have a pen and paper handy so when you start to feel stressed out you can write it down, sometimes just journaling about what is causing you to burn energy helps relieve it. Also, if you can’t sleep at night if you write down your thoughts you can let them go. Find your go to plan to relieve stress, for some it is reading, calling a friend, finding laughter, puzzles or looking at a familiar photo album.

Bottom line, you are in control of you so take control and make a few changes. We sleep better if we have boundaries, eat right and move that body and have a back up plan for when we are stressed. Just remembering we are in control and take control can give us our nights back. So much more on this topic, stay tuned!


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