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Shelter in Place, 6 Weeks to a New Habit

Here we are unintentionally forming new habits. While the time frame can very person to person it is a general statement that it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. So, I ask you, what new habit have you formed with this “shelter in place” state we are in?

It would be great to have a majority response of: I have discovered I am in the new habit of taking time for me every morning before the rest of the family gets up; setting an alarm for my daily workout; creating a shopping list around healthy meals; getting outside every day for fresh air, vitamin D and time with the family. Raise your hand if this sounds familiar!

Or are your new habits: sitting at my desk without taking a break; staying inside because others won’t wear a mask; sleeping in; baking cookies and eating them all in the same day; binging on Netflix; indulging in cocktails several days a week, applauding self for only eating have a bag of family size chips in one sitting.

It is time once again to find motivation and accountability. But how. . . . . .

The first step is to utilize a planner, you can purchase Become the Change from me, use a notebook you own or set up a word document on your laptop. Date each page and record time you get up, what and when you ate and drank, what and for how long you got activity in, time of day you took breaks from your “office” and what you did, time you went to bed. It is also very helpful to record how you slept. The reason for recording these things is to help you be mindful of the decisions and so you can track what is working and what is not.

Stay tuned for more on: “Eating is a Distraction” and “The More You Stay Away, the Harder it is for You to Return”.


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