1. 60 Minute Power Hour; interactive presentations working with employees to engage them so they can understand current habits and refine small changes, inspire attendees to make changes by facilitating the conversations around what they can do to get started and succeed. $600.00 each

  2. 12 Weeks to Wellness Series; every week a new topic is introduced as we learn and build on one small change at a time for positive results, raising productivity. I am here to engage the group to understand their current issues and put a program together for them that allows them to make small changes week by week and is designed to be integrated into the needs of the group. The goal is to champion and inspire them while walking along the steps to success with each individual. $2695.00

  3. 8 Week Essence Workshop; meeting outside of the office with a minimum of 10 attendees who meet for an hour to understand their needs and create guided homework and conversation that we work on over the next 8 weeks for a more in-depth modification designed to build habits over their life. This creates was for employees to feel empowered in life and on the job. $300.00 each person

  4. *1 on 1 Personal Coaching; contracted 12 week series that is individually designed for each person. A highly crafted series specific to each individual’s needs. This is a holistic discovery process where the approach to wellness addresses areas of mental (peace of mind), spiritual (connection to a higher power, inner peace), physical (both in our bodies and we want to have) and emotional (freedom of negative thought patterns) wellness. $1200.00 per series

    • During our initial free 15 minute call we would discuss your biggest challenge, top 2 things you would like help with, why those are important and what have you tried. I help clients discover what is holding them back and work alongside them to gain ground to achieve their desired outcome. This is my basic expectation of a commitment.
    • 3 month commitment;
    • Weekly sessions lasting 60 minutes, same day and time each week in person or virtual;
    • One weekly follow up email from Coach, me
    • Client to fill out forms as requested by Coach

Corporate Business Plan

Workshop on retention in the workplace.
Retention in the workplace

Beginning Today brings leadership ideas on how to retain those key employees with an integrative wellness program for your business as an added value. We offer an affordable wellness program that you can add to your company’s existing program or as a stand-alone benefit. Healthy leaders and your high achievers will provide better sales and service, reducing sick days, and an increased, healthier bottom line.

Pick the plan that best fits your needs or call and ask about consultations and recommendations. Get started on a healthier team today!

  • 12 Week Series is a full integration of half hour wellness presentations; 
  • 8 Week Group Session is the Essence Workshop, one-hour interactive wellness workshops, working on personal goals; minimum 10 attendees.
  • Coaching and wellness presentations for your office.

We research and present the latest relevant view of what good health and nutrition look like in a variety of areas. Options to enhance your wellness experience with Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness can include weekly newsletters and access to a Facebook page with more inspirational content.

A good sense of humor and personal attention makes the atmosphere of the meetings a warm and welcoming place for all regardless of their current wellness status. In our settings we do not compare but encourage each individual to be the best they can be and to be with no judgements by others or themselves.

Active Aging Community Plan

Let’s get working with your seniors so everyone greets each morning feeling energetic, refreshed and enthusiastic. Good health brings mental clarity. We help seniors adjust their daily activities, habits, and diet to experience more energy, mental acuity,and overall well-being. We even discuss cooking and nutrition. 

  • 12 Week Series is a full integration of half hour wellness presentations; 
  • 8 Week Group Session is the Essence Workshop, one-hour interactive wellness workshops, working on personal goals; minimum 10 attendees.
  • Coaching and wellness presentations for your active seniors and staff.

A healthy community depends on healthy people!

Click here to request more information. Please provide your name, email address and best phone number to be reached at. All fees due one week prior to start date.


Terri Mattson has been in the coaching field for over 13 years and founded Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness in 2016. She is a Wellness Consultant for corporations and senior communities, has an Associates of Arts Degree, Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach working holistically with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and Health & Wellness Personal Coach and Mentor. After several years of leading members to successful weight loss with Weight Watchers she now works with groups and individuals to lead them towards a balance in their personal perception of good health.


List of topics Terri has covered in the meeting room:

  • Calories in vs Calories out
  • Super Foods
  • Strength Training
  • Benefits of Walking
  • Habits That Make You Feel Healthier
  • Summer Time & Eating Out
  • Fitness Plan
  • Fix Your Pantry
  • Tips for Losing Weight
  • What’s Making You Tired
  • Fiber
  • Best Eating Habits
  • Healthy Bones
  • Importance of Water
  • Vision Board
  • Positive Thought Process
  • Caffeine
  • Changing Your Life Through Changes
  • Communication Awareness
  • Take Back the Flavor
  • Stress
  • Resistant Starch
  • Mindfulness
  • Clearing Clutter

Terri Mattson   |   |   612-308-0801