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Self-Care, 5 things you can do right now

You might be experiencing anxiety, sadness, trouble sleeping or eating, headaches and stomach aches, or difficulty concentrating. These are all signals to take some time to care for yourself. This does not mean that you need to add something more, though; it can be as much about “letting go.”

  1. Seek out nature. Walk, bike, sit on a bench. Gardening is a proven mood booster. If you can’t get outside, open your windows for some fresh air, tend indoor plants, or gaze out a window.
  2. Connect with others, whether by phone, video call, or other ways. Connection can bring a sense of comfort and stability.
  3. Help people in your life or community who may be vulnerable or stressed. Helping others increases your sense of purpose and gives you a sense of control in your life.
  4. Manage your stress. Whether it’s exercise, sleep, eating healthy, or meditating, keep to a daily routine as much as possible. Do things that bring you joy and laughter. It’s okay to celebrate successes and have moments of joy even after trauma. Control how much news and social media you watch. Check out stress-relief apps such as Calm, HeadSpace, or Stop Think Breathe.
  5. Go easy on each other. Spending a lot of time cooped up can bring out the worst in anyone. (Covid-19 has really changed our socializing habits) Remember to give yourself and others grace as we all make our way through this together.

Strong feelings that last longer than a few weeks or that make it hard to get through every day may be a symptom of depression or an anxiety disorder. Seek professional mental health help. Tips courtesy of Hennepin County Healthy@Work team.


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