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Corporate & Personal Wellness Mission Statement.

Beginning today I will believe in myself, love and support myself, and look forward to the future of me being the best me I can be.

Looking for a companion to keep you on track? This three month Planner will do just that. Become the Change, Embrace Small Changes for Maximum Results by Terri Mattson.

Make it personal by recording your intentions daily in this easy to use motivational planner. Read how and why Terri got started taking wellness personal as she encourages you to begin your journey putting your next steps in writing. Terri adds the right amount of inspiration along the way and includes tips and a few recipes to get you going. Great for you, your office mates or any group you belong to for that accountability to keep you on track. Click on the heading tab “Order Become the Change” to order your copy today!

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Having Trouble With Your Sleep Cycle? Monarch Healthcare is Getting Some ZZZ’s!

Thank you Monarch Healthcare Management for calling attention to the sleep problem so many of us deal with and asking for tips.  Great participation from Monarch, Roseville Area Senior Program, City of Little Canada Parks and Recreation, and Lyngblomsten Care Center as we identified top sleep disruptors and how we can take control. We talked about setting boundaries, discussed eating and activity patterns, handling stress management and together we wrote down solutions. It became clear what we need to do to make small changes in our habits to get back our sleep. Everyone left with several ideas to begin claiming back their ZZZ’s immediately.  

Retention in the Workplace Workshop at PEK Accounting Consulting

Managers and business owners took time to learn tips on retaining employees through a wellness program. It takes time and energy to hire and and train talent, now we need to keep them by using proper tools and techniques to help them feel like family in the workplace. What keeps your employees loyal and how can you make that happen? Topics covered: what makes your company stand out and how can you keep your employees engaged, healthy and part of the success of overall growth. Call and book a workshop today. 612-308-0801. Thank you Paul and PEK Accounting for hosting this event. 

Village Shores Senior Campus Rocks Healthy Habits





 It was my pleasure to be the keynote speaker for the residents of Village Shores Senior Living during Active Aging Week. 

Topics discussed were how to include others in daily routines, remembering the importance of gratitude and praise, the importance of recording the intake of food, water and moving that body. We discussed ways to adapt our favorite activities of childhood into what we are capable of now and enjoy how those memories made us feel. Friendly competition is in at any age and motivates us to continue to be our best and enjoy the process.  It just goes to prove you are never too old to live your best life now! 

Thank you Elizabeth Rose, Village Shores Senior Living and Silvercrest Communities for letting me spend time with your family in Richfield. #ElizabethRose #VillageShores #SeniorLiving

York Gardens Knows Where it’s At When Choosing Healthy Habits!

York Gardens packed the room to hear the presentation on “A Healthier You is Only a Habit Away”. Their enthusiasm for the topic was obvious and the questions and participation really lead to some connecting points and Ah Ha moments. It is always a pleasure engaging our active aging community to live their best life every day. 

You are never too old to “move that body” and try new things each and every day. How you live is up to you! What an amazing audience who have committed to living their best life now. So unwrap the possibilities like the residents of York Gardens and continue to shine.

Thank you to Erin Renslow, York Gardens and Ebenezer Senior Communities for having me as your keynote speaker during Senior Wellness Month. #YorkGardensSeniorLiving #EbenezerSeniorLiving

Run with us for wellness and fun at the following 5K’s:

Clover Dash 5k March 16 (check), Hot Chocolate Run  April 13, Get in Gear April 28th.  2019 MN Brewery Running Series: April 6-Utepils, April 13-Broken Clock, April 20-Headflyer, April 26-Arbor Day Theodore Wirth Park, April 27-Lakes & Legends, May 4-56 Brewing, May 5-LaDonna, May 12-Root Beer Run, May 18-Omni, May 25-Finnegans, June 1-10K Brewing, June 2-Lynlake, June 5- Fulton, June 8-No. 12 Cider, June 15-Chapel, Jun 22-Ragnar Twin Cities Sunset, June 22-Excelsior, June 29-Inbound, July 6-Spilled Grain, July 11-Brew Love, July 13-Tilion, July 14-Schram, July 20-Pryes, July 27-Dual Citizen, July 28-Summit, Aug 3-Bent Paddle.

What We Do to Bring Wellness To You

Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness provides personalized attention to help you grow towards balance and success. Whether in group corporate setting, senior housing community or individual meeting, Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness supports you by setting health and wellness goals and provides tools of accountability. Together we work on your strengths while discovering new opportunities one small change at a time. You always walk away with tools you can put to use immediately. Call or email Terri today to request a consultation and recommendation.

Your Corporate Wellness Coach

Corporate and Senior Wellness Speaker, Lifestyle Wellness Mentor and IWLC

Terri Mattson has an Associates in Arts Degree, is a Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Health & Wellness Mentor and holds a certificate in holistic nutrition. After leading members to successful weight loss with a well-known company she founded her own business working with groups and individuals championing them in their journey towards balance. Terri is passionate about helping others be the best they can personally be beginning today. She lives with her husband and is the mother of four now grown boys.


I look forward to bringing Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness to you in the near future.     ~Terri

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