Reflections on 2019

Before you lose that holiday spirit take a few minutes to write a list. Yes a list, a list of accomplishments from 2019. Once the calendar turns over to 1-1-2020 you will be busy making new plans, creating new lists and focusing on improvements in every phase of your life. So make your 2019 list now.

Too often people live in the future and what can and will be that it becomes easy to forget what was special about the year. So take a moment and pat yourself on the back for the wonderful things you have done, lived through, created and helped exist. There is no one else like you and you touch more lives than you will ever know, think George Bailey. Wherever you are today and wherever you are heading in 2020 is due to the things you accomplished, tried and yes failed at this year. 

So make a list of all the exciting and not so exciting things you did or were a part of this year and celebrate them and celebrate you. You are a combination of your experiences, you are an expert in where you have been, and you are a leader to others around you. Hold your head high, make a list and be thankful you were exposed to all those things that made you smarter, wiser and more experienced in 2019 so you can be all you can be in 2020. Reflect and glow as you continue on your path.