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Reflecting on history for direction in 2021

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Before we can move forward we have to review the past. This keeps emotional wellness alive and well, it is especially important considering what we all went through in 2020.

Our brains tend to remember the bad things more often and more vividly. So if you just rely on you own memories you may come up with more bad times then good. The beginning of any 12 month cycle is a distance away so some events may be in the shadow or even totally forgotten. There was a seismic shift in our lives this past year and some have yet to rebound. There is hope and it is called photos.

I challenge you to take out your cell phone and scroll back into your photo file to January 2020 and look at the pictures you took. There in the palm of your hand are many good memories, events and times you may have forgotten. Go month to month and journal these memories, if you’re like me you took pictures of all the birthdays, celebrations, upgrades and faces of cheers and accomplishments. Some of us have scenic views of trips, travel, walks, spring flowers and fall foliage. It’s all there in the palm of your hand.

Get started on this amazing and what can seem like overwhelming task with those pictures you have on your phone. Take a few minutes to scroll back and take a visual trip down memory lane. After all we tend to take photos good times, fun times and new times. Journal these events and organize them into the best of 2020.

To move into a healthy 2021 you need to organize the good and what worked and separate out the “never again” or not so great. Once you have a starting platform it will be easier to plan for 2021 focusing on the positive and walking away from the negative, taking along only the lessons learned.


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