30 Day Quick Start with Terri


The 30 Day Quick Start with Terri  is a 100% online program so you can join us from ANYWHERE in the world…

Once you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • Simple 4-Step Action Plan to get you on the right track without making you feel overwhelmed (a $49 value)
  • Members-Only Private Facebook Support Group so you can get extra tips, accountability, and motivation (a $99 value).This can be continued after the program if mutually agreed. It is a place for sharing your story, asking questions and connecting with like thinkers walking the same walk of wellness.
  • Coaching Support in the private group to help you succeed with each action step and overcome any challenges along the way (a $250 value). Terri will connect and address questions and concerns as they arise usually within 48 hours of posting.
  • Meal Planning Templates to help you put together simple, healthy meals in record time (a $29 value).

Altogether, a $427 Value.