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Plan Your Grocery Shopping for Healthy Meals

This is the time of the year where we drag out all the big sweaters, lounge pants and snuggle blankets for our couch. Nothing says eat junk like loose fitting clothes, blankets and pillows and an evening of television. Keep from getting in that rut this season by shopping wise. Take the time to go over some cooking light recipes, create a list and head to the local super market for smart shopping. Please do not arrive hungry as we all know that leads to poor food choices. 

Once at the market shop the parameter of the store, be on the look out for tried and true healthy choices, like whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. Armed with your recipes plan out the next couple of days or entire week of meals making sure to double the recipe for lunch leftovers. Watch out for empty calorie snacks and sugary drinks by reading the nutrition label on the back of the package. 

In case you have forgotten, quick tip,  ingredients listed on the nutrition label are in order of level of ingredients in the package so if the first or second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup-put it back:-).  Keep an eye out for whole grains, fiber, low fat and sugar and low sodium.


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