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Personal Wellness IS Your Corporate Wellness

When you think back those years ago, what did you want to be when you grew up? Some say teacher, doctor, fireman, you know just about anything was possible. As you grew and discovered things about yourself how did your vision change? 

We all had fun dreaming and spending our days living in the moment and the moment was good. Fast forward to today, what are your dreams now? Are you a teacher, doctor or fireman or did your vision change as you grew and developed? Are you still having fun, still growing and still sharing experiences with those around you?

This is how personal and professional or corporate growth happens. Just as you begin your life with hopes and dreams and then follow, change and grow in your in your personal life, so does your company or professional life. These two are not so very different. If you want to be the best you you can be you have to keep evolving and changing and bringing people into your life willing to champion you and take your side and support you when you need assistance. You also need to know how to give back, support and trust in those who walk with you. This creates loyalty, engagement and accountability.

Should you quit dreaming and stop growing? Absolutely not! I challenge you to reflect on your personal, professional and corporate goals and make sure you are still dreaming for a brighter tomorrow, to accomplish those things you set out to do in your earlier years.  Don’t let time just tick by, embrace and revive it and GO FOR IT. Continue to dream, talk to those around you and tell them your dreams and ask them to be your accountability partner. 

You have a choice, start dreaming again and moving forward or grow stagnant and not finish what your started out to do to become your best self. Be proactive and become engaged in your own future once again.

When we work in our business life we also need to keep dreaming, we need to keep trusting in others to champion us through the tough times and we need to hold those who work with us close. We have our families and then we have our work families. When you consider how many hours you spend working you should consider your peers and those above and below your department.

You see whether it is personal, professional or corporate wellness they all add up to the same result. You are the driver!


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