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PEK Accounting Held a Panel Discussion on Wellness of the Bottom Line

It was my honor to be part of a Bottom Line Balance Sheet Panel discussion in September at the offices of PEK Accounting Consulting. I was joined by professionals in their field: Troy Noor, Boulevard Wealth Management; Connie Kroskin, Connie Kroskin Marketing; Eric Mitchellette, Strategic Business Coach; and David Anderson, Anderson Business Law. Paul Kloster of PEK Accounting Services for Business on the far right. We shared what to expect in the upcoming year, changes in the experts’ industries and how to prepare for the changes. 

It was standing room only as the audience asked questions and gained insight on what these changes could mean to their bottom line. I shared thoughts on what employers should be looking and that is to keep employees healthy, reduce sick days and turnover. How, by bringing programs of wellness on site. Employees look for “added value” in the workplace, when employers care about their workforce the workforce feels a sense of belonging and that they are valued by their employer. Thereby increasing retention and productivity and decreasing sick days.

Thank you to Paul and PEK Accounting Services for Business for bringing great people together, what an honor to be in such great company!


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