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One More Hour In the Day

Do you wish you had one more hour in your day? I  know I often do. So then I sit and think, how could that possibly happen? Do I start with an action plan, should I call my friends and ask them what they think my priorities should be, do I daydream about a perfect future? Maybe just roll along like I am and it will all work out. HA!

The first step to finding more time in a day is indeed to create an action plan and the very first step in this action plan should be identify the BIG issue. Once you know where you are going you can begin to get there (sound familiar). Look at the end game as the foundation to your building. If you start on the big bottom piece you can fill in as you go, wah lah! Extra time. It is the biggest part that takes the most time and filling in by making those “quick” phone calls, dashing on the “quick” errand will not only cost you time, but will keep you feeling like your’re living on the edge. If you lay a solid foundation, get the biggest job done first, there will be plenty of time to fill in the blanks and finish the rest. So head down, nose to the grindstone and get the big chunk done and you will find you have all the time you need to accomplish the details that surround it.

Sometimes we want to do the things we enjoy first like make that call, dash for coffee, listen to one more u-tube video on how to or “read” one more article on the project at hand. If you spend all your time on this, your foundation will be a long time down the road to completion and will always be looming in your future leaving your frustrated with wanting just one more hour in the day.


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