Now More Than Ever Break Time Should be a Walk Outside

Today is the day! Today is the day to set your alarm for daily walks outside so you will commit to it. Take it one step further than telling yourself you are going to do it, schedule it in your daily calendar until it becomes routine. Keep the walk scheduled on the calendar, but you will soon find you won’t need the prompt, your body will make it a call to action. We are talking about making a habit change.

It is time to move that body for wellness of mind, body and spirit. Your reason to walk outside (yes, outside) may be different than mine but that is okay. You may start out walking to work on getting back into your favorite jeans and find that you are clearing your mind and energizing in new thoughts of what will be. You may be listening to podcasts or books and find that you prefer the sound of nature over the sound of voices. Your senses will become alive!

Walking has always been a good way to get your entire body engaged so go for it. Put it on the calendar, set an alarm and let the endorphins flow. Clear your mind, get your blood flowing, appreciate what you can do and create a new habit for your lifetime. Activity is the new fountain of youth and it is right there just outside your door.

Too busy? I don’t believe that. When you think of the trips you make to the kitchen, meander off topic into Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media or just stare out the window I think you can find a better use of your time. While walking you can whisper into your phone those notes, topic ideas and important contacts to connect with when you are back at the desk. Promise, some of your best thinking will come from walking outside.