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Minnesota State Fair

It is that time of year, the Minnesota State Fair. Take some time to review the fair information before heading out so you can make mindful choices, don’t leave it up to chance. There are always new “foods” on a stick and sites to see, so before you go check out the new additions, find the locations of your favorite fair foods, talk to a buddy and plan out what you want to try this year, where you will eat lunch and discuss sharing a couple of foods so you are not tempted to overdue.

While the fair comes around but once a year you don’t want to go home feeling like you just swallowed half a cup of cooking oil. Make sure you plan what you want to try, map out a nice route to walk and enjoy the sites and visit the barns. So many of us are tempted to go for the foods, great, give them a look, try a few but enjoy just being outside seeing all the wonderful animals, events and crafts that bring this amazing event to life.

Think of your time at the fair as future memories-what is your end game? Do you want to go home stuffed and disappointed that you over indulged or do you want to go home remembering the events, people and everything you saw this year? I will be at the Great Minnesota Get Together enjoying all the State of Minnesota has to offer, see you there!


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