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Terri Mattson

Lifestyle Wellness Mentor and IWLC

I have always been interested in wellness – a healthy lifestyle!  I am a Certified Independent Coach and was certified as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach in 2016.  I run three miles (almost) every day and have participated in dozens of races including two Ragnar runs!

I love networking and co-founded Peoples Networking Group eventually becoming the sole leader and board chair.  I love being a giver in my community.  I see myself as a champion for others, able to bring people together and lift them up.  I’m committed, supporting, inspiring and STRONG! 

I’m also an accomplished networker and co-founded a networking group, Peoples Networking in 2016. I became sole principal in 2019 and developed a board of directors out of a strong desire to do something, give something back to the community.

My parents were divorced and my mom raised three girls with (admittedly) a bit of dysfunction.  We lived on the wrong side of the tracks and as a middle child, there was always something on either side of me.  Nearly all the adults in our family smoked and were overweight and, yes, there was abuse at times.  I want to champion others who may be in a similar situation, so they come out healthier and stronger, and in control of their life!  

I look forward to bringing Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness to you!

Terri Mattson has been a coach for over 14 years and founded Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness in 2016. She has an AA Degree and as a Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach Terri works holistically to improve people’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. After working with Weight Watchers as a coach and mentor, Terri founded her coaching business to champion people in their journey toward life balance. Terri and her husband have four children and enjoy the grandchildren.  

Terri is passionate about helping others be their best – Beginning Today!  

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