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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

With what we have all been through these past couple of years and with the stress of what is going on now nationally we all need to pause and give attention to mental health. So many people suffer from this every day, how can you help?

*Be a listening ear, don’t talk just listen;

*Don’t judge, be open;

*Offer to make a call for them to a family member, friend or clinic;

*Do not confront anyone but do ask what would be helpful;

*Be reassuring, let them know they are being heard.

Most of all realize mental illness comes in many forms and we need to make the effort to remove all stigma in our beliefs. Click on the logo above for support near you.

5 Advocates Who Influenced Modern Mental Health Care

1. Dorothea Dix was born in Hamden, Maine in 1802. Working as a nurse, Dix witnessed firsthand the unhealthy living conditions mental health patients were forced to live.

2. Born in 1876, Clifford Beers and all four of his siblings suffered from psychiatric problems. They all spent time in mental institutions

3. In 1966, at the age of 21, Judi Chamberlain voluntarily checked into to a psychiatric hospital for depression. She was shocked when she learned that she couldn’t leave when she wanted to.

4. Born in 1953, Howard Geld spent most of his teen years in institutions for the emotionally disturbed.

5. Sally Zinman was born in 1937. As a young woman, Zinman suffered from anorexia. She was placed in a mental health institution for treatment.

For the full story see the National Calendar


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