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Living and working in a Toxic Culture

The great resignation. How does that relate to wellness? In the “MIT Sloan Management Review” there was an article: “Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation,” by Donald Sull, Charles Sull, and Ben Zweig.

They reported between April and September of 2021, 24 million American employees left their jobs.
Biggest reason: “a toxic corporate culture”. This issue is more important than compensation in predicting turnover.

After what we have been through in the last 2 years how do you plan to remove yourself from “toxic culture” in the office and or at home? How will you move on, find comfort, joy and peace. Are you going to take advantage of what you learned from the past? Do have hope or despair?

One of my clients was feeling dark and left out as she retired from an upper level HR position leaving her responsibilities and status behind. Filling the void and finding purpose in her new retirement seemed out of reach. We talked and she did some exercises on finding purpose, planning and identifying controllables, as well as some other exercises, and was able to find happiness and that she could plan out what her new life could be.

Another client was looking to get back in shape, wear her wedding ring again and be more active. There is a grandchild in the picture and she was tired of feeling exhausted, overweight and not being her best self. Together we found the right plan for her and she is now down 52 lbs, an avid pickleball player and has more energy then she has had in years. Yes she can wear her wedding again after 15+ years of wishing.

My clients are just like you. They’ve been through a lot and wondering how to best move forward. We talk about health changes that will pull you out and away from your toxic culture, how this has moved the retirement trajectory, finding your purpose, job changes which include learning curves and yes, just not feeling or looking as fit as you once were.

If you resonate with any of these scenarios let’s set up a free, no obligation exploratory call to look forward to a future of you becoming your best self.

You are resilient, it’s good to have goals and dreams. Take the talk outside of your head and consider a coach or guide to help you. When you ask for help you can change toxic behaviors and find solutions. Solutions mean successes. What will you add, change or walk away from in 2022?

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