Listening to Your Body

As Abby from The Tomato Vine told the story of her food interest from growing up with a “mom in the kitchen” she related that that was the beginning of her healthy food roots. She was around it, helped with it, became curious, sought education, helped others and is now a recognized and published chef. 

This is like the wellness journey you are on. As a child, you ran and played and drank water from the hose, sink, and fountain or wherever you could get it. When you were exhausted you slept and when you were hungry you ate, always pushing your body and recognizing its needs. As we grow older we need to get back to that childlike behavior. At weekly Beginning Today meetings we discuss and look at ways to do just that, it is an ongoing journey. We have covered foods dense in nutrients, 5Ks are for everyone, yoga can be fun, how to read labels, weight loss, clearing out the clutter in our lives and time saving preparations just to name a few.